New SDR radio a work in progress…

With the fall weather coming, and not much to do outdoors unless you like working and playing in the west coast rainy season here on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. I have been playing with the latest version of Hamsphere 4.

This SDR radio gives the ham radio enthusiast all the bands including 2M and 70CM to operate on. And for a guy living in a apartment building, I don’t have to worry about RFI throughout an old building, setting up antennas etc.

Kelly has done a real great job creating this radio, and of course when it comes to anything new in computer software, there will always be a few glitches here and there.

I just recently added some new plugins to give more variety when operating. Plus I plan to add a few more antennas as things go along. Plus I will get some blank panels as well to fill in the blanks.

Now if the propagation starts to improve in my area I might be able to get on the air more often. I am also running Hamsphere 3 as well, another great SDR radio to have.

The clocks are a windows 7 gadget that I found on the internet

I added a screenshot of  both radios running on my pc.

73′s de VE7LVD Terry



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